How We Work

How 100 Men Club Works


  • Events are conducted in around one hour. Registration & Networking starts at 6:00pm.  Meeting starts at 6:30pm and will end by 7:30pm.
  • Each event will open with five minute update on how the funds donated at the previous meeting were used by the recipient charity.


  • Any member may nominate a charity for consideration at an event. See next page for more details about charities that can be nominated.
  • The nominating members of three selected organizations will make a brief, informal presentation about the organization and it purpose to the group.
  • Each member may vote (by ballot) for one of the three charities. The charity with the most votes will be the recipient of the donation.


  • Each member will write a check for $100 to the recipient charity for a total group contribution of $10,000 or more.
  • Members who did not vote for the selected organization agree to make their donation regardless of voting outcome.
  • Members will receive a tax receipt directly from the charity.

Guidelines for Nominations

  • All members can nominate a charity or organization. This is not required however.
  • A charity not selected at one meeting may be submitted again at a subsequent meeting.
  • A recipient charity is eligible for future consideration after 1 year (4 meetings) has past.

Nomination Information Required

  • Name, location and mission of charity.
  • How charity will use donation from 100 Men Club.
  • How member nominating learned about the charity.
  • If chosen, to whom would group make a check payable to.